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City Fun In 1981 wasn’t just a fanzine to me, it was a window into the world I wanted to be in as a green kid of 16. Liz Naylor and Cath Carroll were the names behind the title and to me they could do no wrong. They awoke my fascination in Manchester, a place I could only be part of when I escaped my home town, Leigh. It may seem strange to some but Manchester was exotic to me. A place where only the coolest people lived and where music was the highest art. Anyone who shares my love affair with Manchester and City Fun can show me stuff by going to my Facebook page ‘Teach me about Manchester music’. Thanks .Check out my about.me profile!

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Hair - Manchester, England

In the play, Claude Hooper Bukowski is from “dirty, mucky, polluted Flushing,” in Queens, but wishes he was from “Manchester, England,” which explained why he sang a song with that title.

  • Posted 3 years ago
  • July 3rd, 2011

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Horizontalhold: Object Music Mix:

Record label run by Steve Solamar(Spherical Objects/Noyes Brothers etc.) out of Manchester from 1978-1981. Object Music and its bands received a fair amount of praise in their time alongside fellow Mancunians The Fall, Joy Division, and The Buzzcocks. When Solamar closed the short-lived…

Sound & Vision: Mark E Smith

Uploaded by tate on Mar 10, 2010

In the last installment of our Sound & Vision series, English Post-Punk singer Mark E Smith gave us a brief tour of his rise to fame with The Fall and the early influence of angry British Surrealism on his music.